Albania Tour

During the past 15 years Albania has made great strides in their development, but there are still visible traces of the dictatorship of Enver Hodza, as can be seen by the numerous military bunkers along the way.
We visit the city of Shkodra, with about 80,000 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest cities in this region and is an important economic and cultural center of Albania. The city is located in northwest Albania on the coast of Shkodra lake, in a valley between the rivers Drim, Kiri and Buna (Bojana).
Rozafa Castle is one of the most famous monuments in Albania, built on a hill above the confluence of the Buna (Bojana), Drim and Kiri. The Rozafa Castle, with a circumference of 600 meters, was successively rebuilt by both the Venetians and the Ottomans on the foundations of an Illyrian fortress. The construction of the castle is related to the legend of Rozafa.
The historical museum of the city is located in an authentic Ottoman building in the city center, which also has a beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral and the largest mosque in the city Ebu Bekr Mosque.

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